Life, the Universe, and Everything

| January 20, 2011

Between the holidays, a nasty bout of the flu, and being busy with preparing Fall books for design and getting next spring’s books well on their way, I haven’t had much time to even think about what I’d post here lately. If you’re interested in my flittering day-to-day thoughts, follow me on Twitter—it’s not much […]

Writer question: E-book rights?

| December 1, 2010

A writer question I received this month, the answer for which I think anyone submitting to Tu will want to know: I would like to submit my YA fantasy to Tu Books, but wondered if you accept submissions from books where the ebook rights have been taken. My book was recently accepted by an e-book […]

Whitney Award nominations

| November 15, 2010

The Whitney Awards are a fairly new award given out at the LDS Storymakers conference that honors novels written by LDS writers, both in the niche LDS market and in the national market. Every year, you can nominate titles for the committee to read and vote upon. They’ve started to announce the books that have […]

Reader question: What’s an imprint?

| October 4, 2010

Ingrid writes to ask: How exactly does an imprint of a publishing company work? Are imprints more specific in subject matter or is there a deeper connection with the parent company? Are your chances of getting published better with an imprint or does the sale of your work do better with a more well-known publisher? […]

Updated multicultural SFF booklist

| July 7, 2010

ETA 5/22/12: I’m keeping this book list up to date on Pinterest nowadays, linking each book to its Goodreads entry. It’s much easier to just pin a book than to keep this list up to date. For the running lists (broken down by age group and genre) and more, go here (sorry, the link was […]

What kind of fantasy is Tu looking for? And what kind of synopsis?

| June 17, 2010

Another writer question, the answer for which I think will help more than just one writer. If any of you have questions about what we’re looking for or anything to do with the submission process, please let me know, and I’ll be glad to answer here on the blog (anonymizing your question so it can […]

Is my character “black enough”

| June 10, 2010

I recently got this question from a writer, who agreed that answering it on the blog would be useful: My hero is a fifteen-year-old African American boy [in a science fiction story]. A few of my alpha readers (not all) have said that he doesn’t sound “black enough.” I purposely made him an Air Force […]

Can you believe it’s been two months?

| April 27, 2010

Spring is in the air. It’s been raining for the last several days, but it seems to be clearing up. While there hasn’t been much to post about, I’ve been quite busy behind the scenes. The nice thing about starting a new imprint is the lack of interruption. I can read and read and read […]

Interviews, news, and Tu’s new submission guidelines

| March 17, 2010

Link roundup from the coverage that Tu Books has been getting on the web, including interviews of me and coverage in Publisher’s Weekly: ETA: Opening New Doors (PW) Lee & Low Gets New Imprint Interview at The Enchanted Inkpot (also be sure to catch their discussion of diversity in fantasy, if you haven’t seen it […]

What’s up with this New York talk?

| March 9, 2010

Have you been wondering where I’ve been on this blog? Have you noticed me talking on Facebook or Twitter about a move and wondered what was up with that? Now, your questions can be answered! Some pretty awesome things have been happening that required me to relocate to New York City. For more on what’s […]