General update

I always swore I wouldn’t be one of those people who let my blog languish while I moved on to other things, but here I am, blogging after more than a year, realizing once again that I’m paying for hosting and everything and not even updating once since I paid so much for hosting the last time!

I am very active on Twitter, somewhat active on Tumblr, very active on Facebook, but as we’ve learned again and again, without being active on your own site, it’s easy to lose the content you work so hard to create. (Links to social media on the sidebar, if you’re not already following me there.)

I do blog about once a month at the Lee & Low blog, so I encourage you to look for my posts there. But mostly my writing here has languished just as my writing in my journal and for creative purposes have languished, because social media is so much better at the social part, and because I work so much on other people’s books that sometimes I forget to write for myself.

It’s been a tough year so far, with the election and so many other things. But it’s a great time right now, too, with the Olympics—so many stories of hope coming out of the Olympics right now. I can only hope that we’ll see the same kind of hope in other facets of life.