Recommendations for other editors who do critiques

Now that I am actively acquiring, I no longer do critiques except occasionally for charity or conferences.

Please note that you don’t need to hire an editor to get your manuscript looked at by an agent or editor in-house. I leave this page up as a resource for those who feel that they’ve exhausted all the low- and no-cost resources out there and need some one-on-one advanced-level attention. For a guide on how to choose an independent editor, read Victoria Strauss’s Vetting an Independent Editor at Writer Beware (also: read Writer Beware. Good stuff).

If you seek a freelance editor for a pre-submission critique or full manuscript edit, I have a few friends and know of a few others who freelance. Here are the websites of several former New York City children’s book editors who offer editorial services. I cannot vouch for any one over another—you’ll need to decide for yourself whether someone is a good fit—but each of them used to work in-house at a reputable children’s book publisher.

Emma Dryden

Catherine Frank Editorial Services

Mehta Book Editing

Fresh Ink Book Editing Services

Michelle Witte

Lindsay Schlegel

Harold Underdown

Tamson Weston

Abby Ranger

I’m always glad to answer more general questions on my blog. Feel free to email me at stacylwhitman AT gmail DOT com if you have a question that can be addressed on the blog. (DO NOT email me about reviewing your book. I am not a reviewer.)

I will leave up my resources for writers addressing what to consider before hiring an editor. Hopefully this advice will be useful for you.