5 Books for Hispanic Heritage Month and a little Colbert

Colbert is “celebrating his Latino hermanos and hismanos even more than usual because it is Hispanic Heritage Month!”

Summer of the Mariposas CoverAll joking aside, want to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in a way that involves art created by Latinos about their culture? Over at the Lee & Low blog we’ve got five books for you to check out that truly celebrate Latino cultures, including Tu’s own Summer of the Mariposas by Pura Belpre Award-winning author Guadalupe Garcia McCall, which was nominated for an Andre Norton Award, got a starred review from School Library Journal, and was on several best-of lists. It’s a great read for older middle graders and young teens (a clean read!) as well as for older teens and adults. And for you teachers looking for ways to get your students excited about reading The Odyssey, Mariposas is the perfect book: it’s a contemporary Mexican American retelling of The Odyssey, but from the point of view of the eldest of five sisters. It’s a great mother-daughter read, too!