It’s organization time

With new titles come new responsibilities, which means more to keep track of. I’m about to overhaul my desk and my task-management system, so before I really dig in beyond cleaning my desk, I thought I’d throw the questions out there:

  1. What’s your favorite task-management program? Preferably one that allows you to set deadlines for tasks and organize complicated subjects while being able to prioritize.
  2. What are your favorite resources for customizing your desk? I’m looking for ideas for using vertical space in a cubicle, in particular. I have some bookshelves I could repurpose, too, if necessary, but I’d prefer to be able to hang something from my cube wall. I’m looking particularly at things like this, but I’m wondering if I might be missing some possibility, particularly something that could hang above the computer and hold more than just paper. And for something that could hold large stacks of 11 x 17 paper (galleys) and such—piles of paper that I generally need in plain sight but not always right on the surface of my desk.
  3. Speaking of piles of paper, slush pile management practices (digital and paper) welcome.
  4. How do you keep e-mail and other digital resources organized? Any particular systems you prefer? (I’m doing much better on the computer than on my desk, but while I’m in this organizing kick, I’m also planning on integrating these ideas into e-organization as well.)
  5. Any resources you go to for office organization, particularly desks and file systems? Links, please!



7 thoughts on “It’s organization time

    1. That seems to be more home-office kind of stuff, not office-office. I’m looking for things that can hang on the wall of a cubicle.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been looking at the Staples website, and now I’m curious if I’m missing something, because surely there must be shelves like this for a whole lot less than $200. I’m sure the hanging folders are great—I’ll be requesting one or two–but what I’d really love is a little shelf I can put a plant on in my window above my computer, and I’m not finding anything (the hanging baskets aren’t sturdy enough–we tried it with a coworker’s baskets). Maybe I could rig something up myself, but it seems like it should be easier to figure out.

  1. Hey there! My comment has actually nothing to do with this post, but rather, your post a while back on minorities in YA fantasy.

    I’m starting up a project called The Next Frontier which revolves around discussion & promotion of diverse YA sci-fi & fantasy. My goal is just to create a community to discuss these issues, as well as eventually advocating for diverse YA sci-fi & fantasy books in schools.

    If you’re interested, check it out at It’s pretty bare-bones right now, but hopefully it will grow through people like you. I would love it if you would promote it through your publishing company and/or your blog.

    If not, I understand, and thanks again for your post on minorities!


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