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I had an 80gb Ipod Classic, which lasted me at least 5 years, maybe six. I think I bought it in 06 or 07. It died earlier this year and I’ve been trying to make do with my phone. I have a great phone. I love it. I’m not going to buy the Iphone 5 because I have everything I need on the phone… except Itunes. Pretty much everything is covered on my Android (Galaxy Nexus) but a good music management + podcast app in one, and I want to be able to watch the videos I have bought on Itunes, too. (I have unlimited data, so most of what I watch on my phone—at lunch, for example, or while out walking to/from the train—is streamed on Hulu or Netflix, but you can’t stream underground on the subway, and you can’t read on the subway ALL the time; not to mention Doctor Who doesn’t stream current episodes here in the States, at least.) I can’t figure out how to make any of the Android podcasting apps work right for my podcast playlists (I make playlists of Talk to Me in Korean lessons, for example, that I want to listen to in order); Google Music can’t seem to figure out that no, the order is NOT Lesson 1, Lesson 10, Lesson 11, Lesson 12, … Lesson 2, Lesson 20… No app that promises to import well from Itunes has done it right, and I’ve tried several. It’s all a big headache.

So my plan is to go back to what was working: my phone for everything but music and the occasional offline video or game.

Which leads us to the choices:

  • 160 gb classic—will hold everything, but tiny video screen for porting around the few offline videos I want (Doctor Who and a few old anime series), being able to watch video on the subway. This is pretty much what I used my old dead Ipod for, except it was 80gb. Nice room to grow for new music, and more. I liked the clickwheel for a few old-fashioned games, too.
  • Ipod Touch. Don’t ever plan to get an iphone, but I wouldn’t mind a Touch as a secondary device. Biggest possible size is only 64 gb, though, which is part of the problem with my phone (it’s like a more expensive version of a shuffle, which is silly), but at least I could move all the music there, and everything else would stay on my phone. More expensive for less storage space, but a nice big screen for an ipod (but as a phone/streaming device/most apps I use, my Galaxy still has Iphone beat). I wouldn’t mind trying out the camera, too–from what I can tell, it does seem to have better optics than my cell phone camera (though either would just be for snapshots; I use my SLR for important pictures, but I don’t carry my SLR around with me—the dang thing is too heavy for everyday use).
  • Buy an older Ipod off e-bay or whatever for cheap. Who cares about screen size if you can get the same thing you’ve been wanting your poor dead ipod to do for months, and not finding a good alternative in what you’ve got on hand? (Though I note that someone thinks they can get $268 out of me for a Classic that only costs $249 brand new on Apple’s site).

If you were me—and by that, I mean relatively poor, have no need to changes phones (just upgraded to my current phone in April), had my usage patterns, etc.; I truly mean if you were me, not if you with your own set of circumstances were in a position to have these choices, if that makes sense—which would you choose?

I’m leaning toward the Touch, but that feels super extravagant when I already have a phone that does most of what the Touch does. The only real advantage to it is the screen size, and how often would I use it?

There is ONE more option, I suppose, which might work, as far as having portable Itunes, but it’s an option I wouldn’t be able to afford for a while: an Ipad. It’s certainly an idea I’ve toyed with, but it’s also the least portable of the options (I can’t clip it to my waist and go for a bike ride, which I always did with my ipod), and the most expensive.

So… you’re now in my shoes. What would be your vote?


3 thoughts on “Tech decisions

  1. Excellent question. I’d first decide if an iPad were *ever* realistically in the cards. Because if it isn’t, then I’d probably go with the Touch. Bigger screen will make an ultimate difference, and you could always do iTunes Match to at least have access to all your songs whenever you’re in wifi range.

    But if an iPad might be in the cards, then I don’t think you want to end up with an iPad, a Touch, *and* a smartphone. It’s overkill. So in that case, I’d then decide if you wanted an iPod Classic and an iPad. They fill different niches, certainly. The portability factor you mentioned being a big one. If you don’t, then I would probably just start saving up now for an iPad. I adore mine, and I use it much more than my iPod. If you’ll be able to have both, then go for the classic.

    Special notes–If money’s an object, I’d explore the Refurbished Apple line through their store. You can get a refurb iPad 2 with wifi and 3G and 16GB space for only $400 right now. That’s a great price. If you don’t want 3G, you can get a 32GB for the same price.

    Looking into buying something used would be a great option, too. So many people upgrade their Apple products all the time . . . My brother scored two 2 year old iPhones for something like $30. How can you argue with that price?

    Good luck!

  2. Whew! Just reading all that made my head spin. I am so NOT techy. I just got my very first ipod mini (I don’t even know what it’s real name is) for Christmas. I have no music on it, just audio books – and I have to recruit my teenage daughter to download them for me from her itunes because I can’t figure out how to do it. I have the most basic cell phone you can imagine – it doesn’t do anything – and I have a first generation Nook, which I hardly ever use because I like paper best.

    So, sadly, I have nothing to offer you. lol! My kids, however, are experts on all of that.

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