LTUE handouts now available (I think)

It has been more than a month since my computer worked well on a regular basis, and most of that time I was without a computer at home at all. It still isn’t working well–there are days when it will take 15 minutes just to type a paragraph—but at least it kind of works… ish. Dell sucks, is all I’ll say, and I promise never to buy anything else from them as long as I live.

At any rate, sorry for being out of touch, particularly those who were waiting for the handout from LTUE. If that was you, can you comment here so I can send it to you? Just be sure to put your email in the comment form, and I’ll be able to contact you.

2 thoughts on “LTUE handouts now available (I think)

  1. Hi Stacy, I have missed your posts! I have to recommend Acer laptops. I haven’t had any trouble with mine which I’ve had for two years now and it only cost $350! (I managed to snag and awesome deal at Walmart though.)

    Anyways, I would like the LTUE handout when you can. Thanks!

  2. Sorry about your computer. I know it’s not always practical with work, but I recommend Macs all the way. Best. Lap top. Ever.

    And I would also love the LTUE handout.



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