Livejournal fixed

Apologies to those of you on LJ who just got 10 or 12 posts in a row from me. Those are from the last three months, in which my LJ importer hadn’t been working. I figured for those of you who haven’t been going to my main site from an RSS reader, some of you might want to catch up, and there was no way to update the posts on LJ without them going into the timeline (it kept giving me an error message saying to post the most recent post as out of order or to re-post my older posts out of order, but there’s no option in the importer on WordPress to post something out of order).

At any rate, the problem seems to be fixed now, and going forward, you should get posts from me at the same time they’re posted on my main blog. Let this post serve as a test of that theory, at any rate.

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