What have you read lately?

I’m currently splitting my time between two favorite authors’ newest books: James Dashner’s The Death Cure and Tamora Pierce’s Mastiff. I’m a HUGE Tamora Pierce fan. As she often says when she introduces herself at conventions, she writes about girls who kick butt. You can see a really interesting progression of feminist thought from second wave to third wave in her work, too—the Song of the Lioness quartet about Alanna, published in the 1980s, are very much “girls are ‘as good as’ boys,” with something to prove, and then you can see how the idea of “girl power” has changed over the years all the way down to today, in the Beka Cooper books, in which Beka has nothing to prove: she is who she is, because duh, she kicks butt because she can and should be able to defend herself and those who have no power or voice. (She’s a medieval cop who can talk to ghosts and Hunts with a scent hound. I love it!) The Beka Cooper books are really interesting to me because they’re actually set at a time in the history of Tortall before Alanna, and you can see how the beginnings of the belief in the Goddess as the Gentle Mother influences Alanna’s circumstances later when she’s in such a sexist situation that no one believes women should be lady knights, despite there being many storied lady knights in the past.

And of course The Death Cure is the last in James Dashner’s Maze Runner trilogy. Even though I worked with James on the first book years ago before it ended up selling to Delacourte (curses! But I’m glad it found a good home), I could never have predicted where the next two books would end up. It’s good, guys. I’m not quite finished reading yet, but it’s action packed and if you haven’t started with The Maze Runner you should catch up to me so we can talk.

Once I finally finish those (tonight I’m off again on a Hunt with Beka Cooper), I’m digging right into Prized by Caragh M. O’Brien, the sequel to her Birth Marked, which I also enjoyed. I’m curious where it’ll go next.

And now my cat Mogget is racing around the apartment with the kitty crazies. Maybe I’ll go toss a mouse to him so he’ll stop scratching up the dining room table. While I’m gone, share your latest favorite reads!

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  1. Ooh, I did not know Death Cure was out already! Can’t wait to see what happens. . . twas a memorable plot. Laurisa, I also just read Unwind. Neil Shusterman is awesome. Glad I discovered this interesting blog! Merci.

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