Hey, everyone! The day we’ve been looking forward to is finally here! Tu’s first three books are releasing everywhere TODAY! You may have even been able to find them in your local Barnes & Noble before this, because as we discussed, I saw them out in the wild a couple weeks ago.

For those of you waiting on Kickstarter rewards of finished books and bookmarks, we’re working on getting those out to you. Expect an email soon asking for your contact information and/or the info about the library for which you’d like the books to be sent.

If you didn’t get a book as a reward–or if you DID and now you want to share the joy with all your closest friends too!–you can always order directly from our website at or find them through your favorite online* or brick and mortar bookstore (if your local independent doesn’t carry the books, feel free to share the excitement and ask them to order them in!).

*Ebooks are not quite available yet, but coming soon.

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