I have completed a server move. A little drama, but it was so worth it. I was finally able to update WordPress to a version that actually works, and the backend of my site actually works, and everything actually WORKS! It’s gorgeous. Now it makes me want to play with the theme and see if there’s anything that might look even better—this theme is a couple years old, after all.

More later, including the post that actually inspired this whole move—a post that 1 and 1’s servers kept giving me a 500 error in trying to post. By the way, if you ever are in the market for web hosting, I do NOT recommend 1 and 1. They don’t provide the basic infrastructure to run a current version of WordPress, among other infrastructure problems, and their customer service, though it was quite good when I first started with them years ago, is no longer any good. They’ll run you around in circles and never actually solve anything.

Bluehost, on the other hand, is a dream. They actually answer the phone, and when they do they’re able to quickly and accurately pinpoint the problem. It just took me over a day to figure it out because I had no idea what I was doing (copied over files that should self-propagate, put my WordPress installation files in the wrong folder on the server), but even so they got me sorted out fairly easily each of the three times I called. (I called this morning and we figured out I had the files in the wrong place, so I thought it was solved and hung up, only to realized there was another problem on top of that. Not their fault—I just thought I was okay and didn’t want to stay on the phone any longer than necessary.)

So. This is much better. I think I’ll actually be able to use my site from now on! Imagine that.

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  1. Well, I don’t know that I’ll post daily again as I used to a year or two ago, but I’ll certainly try to post a little more often. Publishing topic requests are always welcome too.

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