New Tu acquisition

The announcement came out in Publisher’s Marketplace today, so I can share it here, too!

Kimberly Pauley’s CAT GIRL’S DAY OFF, when a girl’s celebrity-addicted friends make her watch a viral Internet video, her secret “talent” to understand the language of cats catapults them into a celebrity kidnapping mystery with ties to Hollywood and Ferris Bueller’s Chicago, to Stacy Whitman at Tu Books, in a nice deal, for publication in Spring 2012, by Larry Kirshbaum at LJK Literary Management (World).

You might know Kim for her hilarious first novel SUCKS TO BE ME or her hilarious second novel STILL SUCKS TO BE ME. This one’s even funnier, and throws in a nice homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, as well. We’re well into the revision process, and this one is slated come come out spring 2012. The listing doesn’t say here, but it’s a YA.

Go congratulate Kim, either at her blog or on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “New Tu acquisition

  1. Congrats to Kim! And L&L.

    Stacy, I’m hoping you might answer a question here about the type of submissions you are looking for. I did read your call for submissions and the list of books you recommended. But didn’t see many mysteries. If a MG mystery has a Latino main character, but is set in contemporary US, you would not be interested. Am I getting that right?

    1. Actually, Mary, I’d love a Latino main character mystery set in the contemporary US. I’m not sure where I would have said I wouldn’t (if you saw that somewhere, please show me where so I can correct it). I have lots of recommended book lists, but I don’t think I’ve covered mystery yet.

      So yes, mystery please! Really, I’m still pretty wide open at this point. You might look at what we’ve got coming out this fall to get a better idea of what we’ve already got, but that’s only three books—lots of potential for other stories!

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