58 hours to go!

Cross-posted from Tu Publishing:

A big thanks to Alana Joli Abbott, who arranged the online auction to benefit our Kickstarter campaign, and to everyone who donated something or who bid on the items in the auction.

Now that the auction is over, we’re still heading toward the home stretch in our Kickstarter campaign. As of writing this, we are at $6502 with 58 hours to go! That means we are $3498 short of our $10,000 goal. Can we make it in 58 hours? Well, we jumped about 25% up in the last several days, so it’s very possible!

Several people have been asking why we’re doing this Kickstarter campaign. Mary Robinette Kowal said it best over on her blog:

Once upon a time, someone starting a new publishing house would either have a personal fortune or would seek large private investors. Crowdsourced fundraising allows the masses to chip in for projects they believe in.

When we start out, we’ll have a lot of friends who we know helped us out, who will be rooting for us to succeed. It’s because of all of you that we’ll be able to do this. So, thanks for your support so far, and thanks for the help you’ll give us to be able to reach the goal.