Kickstart Tu with holiday gift-giving

I came down with bronchitis over the weekend (even had to go the hospital—yikes!) and haven’t been able to post the way I intended to. Now that I’m home, I am still recovering, but wanted to remind everyone that we’ve only got about 2 weeks left on our Kickstarter campaign. If you’ve been thinking about donating, and you’re starting to think about holiday gifts, consider the Kickstart Tu auction, especially for the writer or book lover in your life. They’ve got all sorts of great stuff, including handcrafted mugs, made-to-order crocheted Alice in Wonderland dolls, a FULL YEAR of advertising on YA (& Kids!) Books Central, out-of-print children’s books and a folklore pack, and writing critiques and line edits. Oh, and don’t forget the giant box of manga for that manga and anime lover in your life! I plan to add some D&D and Star Wars minis later this week, and if you’re a Brandon Sanderson, Jim Hines, or Howard Tayler fan, you’ve got the chance to get a Garden Ninja Studios customized mini from the Mistborn, Goblin Quest, or Schlock Mercenary worlds.

In addition to winning an auction, you’ll also get the rewards from the Kickstarter level at which you donate—for more on how the auction works, check out the rules here.

The auction ends Dec. 9th, to make sure that the donations to the Kickstarter have enough time to go through.

If you don’t have money, but do have something you’d like to donate to the auction, please feel free. And either way, please spread the word among your friends and family—we’ve only got a few days left, and a long way to go!

Thanks for all your support! With your help, we’ll be able to get up and running!