With a little help from my friends

Cross-posted from the Tu Publishing blog:

So many kind people are helping us succeed here. Today’s news comes from two places:

Shen’s Blog, who interviewed Stacy Whitman for the Multicultural Minute. Shen’s Books publishes multicultural literature, focusing especially on Asian stories.


Alana Joli Abbott, who started a Livejournal auction to benefit our Kickstart project. There are already several things being auctioned. (Wow, guys! The list keeps growing every time I go over there! So far, there are a giant box of manga (SIXTY volumes!), a short story or novel chapter critique, photo cards, and just now I saw a folklore bundle added.)

Cross-posting this from Alana’s Livejournal, here’s the scoop:

Dear Friends,

Any of you who follow my livejournal know that recently, I had the opportunity to have guest post about her plans for her new publishing house: Tu Publishing. The mission is admirable: the books put out by Tu Publishing will feature multicultural heroes and heroines, helping science fiction and fantasy for children and teens become a more diverse genre. Young readers should be able to find fantasy and science fiction where their own culture is reflected in the world of the novel, and the goal of Tu Publishing is to offer just that. (You can read more about the goals on Tu’s mission page.)

Here’s the catch: every publishing endeavor needs capital to start. Stacy is using Kickstarter as a fund drive to get the project started. As of today, she’s reached 29% of her goal, and only 25 days remain for contributions! That’s where we come in.

In order to help her reach her goals, this community has been formed to auction off items, services, crafts, and other various and sundry offerings, with all the proceeds going to the Tu kickstart page. We hope to help Stacy and Tu reach the goal of $10,000 by December 14th.

How can you help?

1) Donate something to our auction.
2) Bid on something donated to our auction.
3) Spread the word! Get lovers of fantasy and science fiction to pop by!

Contributors decide on the starting price and the end time of their auction. Because the turn-around is so soon, auctions will begin as soon as the listing for the offering is posted.

Auction winners will make a donation directly to the Tu Publishing Kickstart page and send the receipts to the contributor.

Thank you so much for your support!

The rules are here, and all the auction winners will be announced by Dec. 9th.