*big sigh*

All I want to do right now is just play World of Warcraft and watch movies and pig out on food that’s really bad for me, but I’m actually going to go home and get critiques done. This week at work has been pretty scatterbrained. Weird problems kept coming up. Several things keep getting delayed because of weird errors that aren’t the norm. I kept thinking there had to be some easy explanation, some stupid mistake I was making–because it had already happened a couple times, when I would put http:// on an address that didn’t need it and didn’t work because I was doing a secure FTP instead, that kind of thing. Not realizing that I had the disc for the Norton problem I was having, and the associate editor having to ask me where the disc was when he was trying to troubleshoot the problem. Um, whoops. You know how a new job can be a little overwhelming at times!

But it turned out that the other problems that I was running into were actually real problems that the associate editor (who is our really smart all-things-computer guy to ask when it’s not a *huge* computer problem, for which we ask the actual computer guy) couldn’t solve either. I don’t know whether I feel bad about needing his time or justified that the problem was real.

At any rate, it’s been the kind of week that I just want to heave a big sigh that it’s done. Now, on to catching up on critiques for my “other life.” I really need to finish these up–some people have been waiting on me for months, which I feel awful about. Again, thanks for your patience, and I’m going home now, so at least 2 more people should hear from me tonight or tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “*big sigh*

  1. I played with several people that have ruined relationships, marriages etc over this game and for the longest time I just didn’t get it. Guess I still don’t. Blizz is making the game much easier to be casual. Maybe this altaholic needs to stick with one toon so he doesn’t feel pressured to gear up so many freakin’ toons? That way he can get in run a heroic, do whatever dailies he needs, spend some time goofing off and then move on to the wifey. She probably just needs attention/affection and if he would dedicate a few hours EVERY evening with her she would probably let him play WoW w/e.

    1. I’m sure you mean well, but I’m tired of people telling me about how a GAME ruined their friends of friends’ lives. It’s not the game that did it, dude, it’s the addictive personality that got addicted to the game. I know the feeling–it’s easy to become addicted to the false sense of accomplishment that any game, even solitaire, might give in winning. But if you approach ANY game with the idea that you like it more than your family, you’re going to have problems.

      I’m a single woman who has the luxury of not having responsibilities of that sort, so when I say I want to play WoW and veg, it’s not to the detriment of a relationship. But I have plenty of friends who I play with who have their priorities in order–we play maybe once a week, as a set-aside time to play with friends who live far away, and if something happens (naked baby running through living room, kid wakes up feeling sick, husband asks to use computer) we adapt when that person has to leave. It’s just a game–real life is way more important, and one of the only reasons I enjoy the game so much is that it’s a fun way to keep in touch with good friends I don’t see that often, and to do fun things together as we talk on Vent.

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