Busy is good, but bad hair days are the pits

I’ve been busy finishing an edit for an author, working on a proofread, and getting submission packet critiques back to the authors who have been waiting for them for what probably feels like an inordinate amount of time. If you’re waiting on me for a critique, hopefully I’ll be catching up to you in the queue soon. It’s been so good to have work to be busy with — the bills are actually getting paid this month! If you’re a freelancer, you know what I mean — you start to panic when the workload starts to decrease, because who knows whether it will increase again?

But I’m taking a break this evening. I have a confession: A few nights ago, I got it into my head that if I just trimmed up the little wisps on my hair around my face, I wouldn’t have to dip into my meager funds to pay for a haircut. I mean, I’d rather pay the power bill and have groceries, you know? But the scissors slipped, and I ended up trying to even it out, and… well, awful story short, I think I have given myself a mullet. It’s bad, guys.

So I’m off in a few hours to go have someone fix it — and yes, I’m paying for it, don’t worry. It’s going to probably end up pretty short. Which is *really* scary for me, because short hair on me usually just emphasizes how much weight I’ve gained in my adulthood. I’ve picked out a few pictures off the internet that might work, but those pictures are always of really skinny models and I’m just not sure how they’ll look *on me*, and I want as professional and modern a look as possible.

If you have any ideas for cute short hair, especially medium-length hair that’s relatively short in the front (here’s an example of what I mean by that, or perhaps the one on the right here), by all means, please give me a link in the comments (but do it by 4:30 MST, because I’m heading out to get it all chopped off after that).

2 thoughts on “Busy is good, but bad hair days are the pits

  1. Well, I’m not much for advice in the hair department, but I missed the deadline anyway. However, I will have some stuff to submit to you next week if that helps 🙂

  2. I did the same thing to my hair, only cut my bangs when they were wet and they creeped waaaaay up…then I went and got my hair cut the DAY before the SCWBI conference and it was a horrible short cut that did nothing to flatter me. How silly that the whole conference I was self concious about my HAIR. Women are strange. That much I know…

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