Speaking of books I’ve edited

Green Dragon Codex
Green Dragon Codex

I keep forgetting to post that the last book I edited for Mirrorstone, Green Dragon Codex, is now out. The book, written by R.D. Henham with the “assistance” of Clint Johnson (check out the critique he’s offering at Cynthea Liu’s Take the Dare auction!), is also the subject of a new contest from Mirrorstone. Libraries and kids 8-14 can write lyrics to a song about any of the dragons in the Codex books, and win a big prize for your library — two copies each of

  • A Practical Guide to Dragons
  • Red Dragon Codex
  • Bronze Dragon Codex
  • Black Dragon Codex
  • Brass Dragon Codex
  • Green Dragon Codex (newly published this summer!)
  • 2 Practical Guide calendars and an assortment of bookmarks.
  • Plus each member of the winning team will receive one copy of A Practical Guide to Dragons and the Green Dragon Codex!

Check out the contest–looks like they’ve provided the music to set the lyrics to and advice on how to write lyrics, so you’ve got a lot of tools at your disposal.