Provo Book Festival (& other recent events, including a reading cat)

Well, now that I’ve gotten my camera back up (I killed the battery Saturday, forgetting to upload the pictures while it was still hooked up for hours, and now I’ve finally gotten back to it), I will share with you some of the fun things that happened at the Provo Book Festival. I was really impressed. This was the first time I’ve been to it, though I’ve heard good things about it for a few years, and I must say, it was really cool to see how the kids who came were so excited to get involved with books, to see their favorite authors speak, and to be able to get books signed by them. There had to have been twenty or so local authors involved, and several illustrators as well.

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Okay, to purge the photo files, before we get to the festival, here are some shots from the recent book signing by Carol Lynch Williams, at which she read a portion of her book, The Chosen One, as well. I have an ARC and can’t wait to read it. Just have to catch up on work first!

Carol Lynch Williams reads at her booksigning Carol Lynch Williams reads at her booksigning Carol Lynch Williams reads at her booksigningCarol Lynch Williams reads at her booksigning Carol Lynch Williams at her booksigning

At Carol Lynch Williams's booksigning provo-book-festival-013 provo-book-festival-017 provo-book-festival-019

Notice how Cheri Earl (Carol’s partner in crime on many endeavors, most notably the BYU Writing for Young Readers conference every June) must either make a face at me for taking her picture, or turn away. It’s all a ploy to show off her cute hair.

Mogget likes to read, too.

Mogget likes to read, too.

Now, on to the festival! They had a puppet show for the kids (the farmer’s animals kept making all the wrong noises! cats baaing, cows meowing–what is a poor farmer to do? turns out he forgot to read their owner’s manual.) Shannon and Dean Hale performed an interpretive dance of their collaboration project, and authors who signed books all afternoon include Emily Wing Smith, Aprilynne Pike, Brandon Mull, Brandon Sanderson, James Dashner, Carol Lynch Williams, Mette Ivie Harrison, Jessica Day George, Shannon and Dean Hale, and many, many others.

provo-book-festival-022 provo-book-festival-024 provo-book-festival-025 provo-book-festival-026 provo-book-festival-027 provo-book-festival-028 provo-book-festival-029 provo-book-festival-030 provo-book-festival-031 provo-book-festival-032 provo-book-festival-034 provo-book-festival-039 provo-book-festival-042 provo-book-festival-044 provo-book-festival-046 provo-book-festival-047 provo-book-festival-049 provo-book-festival-050 provo-book-festival-051 provo-book-festival-052

The end. Say good night, Mogget.

provo-book-festival-053 provo-book-festival-054

Good night, Mogget!