Now available on the Kindle

Amazon has recently opened up blog access on the Kindle to any blog, not just the top ones that Amazon picks. That means that you, or I, or anyone can put their blog up on Amazon for people to subscribe to. It also means that anyone can put your blog up on Amazon for people to subscribe to. I’m not sure if they’ve fixed this loophole, but I figured that I’d go ahead and claim my own blog first, in case any of you are Kindle-lovers that would love to give me $1.99 a month for the joy of reading my occasional ramblings about publishing and my cats. (Speaking of my cats, I haven’t posted about them in a while, but that’s probably mostly because my camera was broken. Fear not! I have overcome this obstacle! As of last week, my camera LIVES! Body, lens, and all, have now been restored (read: replaced) to their former glory, and then some–instead of a Nikon D80, I now sport a D300 which I’m still getting the hang of, and in addition to the great lens I had before, I was also able to grab that fisheye lens I’ve had my eye on for about a year now.)

I haven’t gotten a Kindle myself yet. The idea of buying a $350 electronic device for which all of my books could suddenly go away one day if Amazon decided to delete my account (thanks for the link to Justine) kinda scares me. I’m leaning toward the Sony Reader, myself, but I’ve been investing in too many toys lately (see above) to be able to justify one in my budget. It would be really, really nice not to wear out my eyes reading on screen, though–especially for submissions. A lot of editors I know swear by their Sony Readers. EDIT: Justine says that Apple has one in the works, and I love my Ipod, so perhaps I’ll be waiting on that reader with her.

So, take it for what it’s worth. I’m not endorsing or NOT not-endorsing the Kindle–just saying that if the Kindle is your kind of thing, you can now read my blog there. Have fun.