Playing catch-up

The site (at least, I believe) has been back up and running most of the week, but I’ve been swamped and haven’t had a chance to update on anything. Between allergies and some mysterious blah-ness, my health has really been on the outs with me this week, so it has slowed down all of my work. (In fact, I basically just took Tuesday as a sick day and slept all day. I haven’t done that in months. Then on Wednesday I kept thinking it was Tuesday, and I completely lost a day when I realized Wed. night that it was actually Wed. I haven’t really recovered the rest of this week, but I’m pushing through it because I have so much work to do.

So to those of you who are waiting on me to get back to you on a critique: thank you for your patience. I’m slowly catching up. I have two more manuscript critiques to get out the door this week (which, since I lost a day, might push over into Monday), a couple of small critiques to get back to people in the next week, one big edit to finish up next week, and a new project to start when the author gets me the manuscript.

Among all of that–note that these are the projects that are paying the bills right now–I need to get caught up on my Tor submissions as well, for which I’ve had a huge backlog for a few months now. If you gave me something to consider for Tor and haven’t heard from me, it’s because I’m afraid it’s very hard to pay the bills as a freelancer and while those submissions are very, very important to me, it will take some time because I’m juggling essentials like paying the rent and having enough food to eat. Combine that with a few weeks of allergies and suddenly I get even more behind!

But there’s good news! I have finally gotten new insurance, which will allow me to refill my asthma and allergy prescriptions–I have a feeling when I come back from the doctor’s office this afternoon, I will feel like a new woman, with all that breathing and everything. Part of the problem of the last few weeks is that it’s been the worst part of the allergy season (blooming trees) and I had none of my prescription-strength medicines to help me out. As you can imagine, when you’re as allergic to everything as I am, not having the right medicine can leave you in a puddle of wheezy, eye-itching, worn-out, possible-sinus-infection muck. I’ve actually been amazed that I’ve lasted as long as I have.

Here’s to getting caught up!