My newly minted Nikon D300 arrived today. I decided to go ahead and order the camera body and use my old lenses for now–the kit lens from my N55, the nice but not exactly versatile 50mm lens, and the zoom lens, which all survived the flood. Only the good zoom lens perished in the flood, along with the camera body. What this means is that my flexibility on natural lighting is seriously curtailed until I can replace the good lens. They’re okay lenses–and the 50mm is a NICE lens, but like I said, not versatile–but they don’t do well in low light.

I’ve snapped a few shots of the cats today but I want to really take it out and play with it later. It’s a very souped-up, very professional camera, and I want to be sure I know what I’m doing! But first I have critiques to finish and get back to people.

I’m working on putting together my photography site so that my portfolio can be easily accessed and that people can see the portrait services that I offer. I think I should also look into advertising at wedding fairs locally, too. Just another part of the business that’s finally shaping up.