2 thoughts on “Faith and Works: Boston Globe explores Mormons in YA literature

  1. Here’s a question:

    What about the publishers? I am not Mormon, but I am a very conservative woman of faith (Christian) who deplores the increasingly sexual content of YA books. As an aspiring author of MG and YA fantasy and sci/fi, I’m wondering what the actual market is — Twilight notwithstanding — for wholesome-but-still-exciting novels for young people?

    In short — are they as sell-able?

    1. I definitely think they are. There is an audience for both edgy and more wholesome books–teens who don’t want edgy content, and teens who feel that books without edgy content are skirting around the edges of real life. And different publishers have different audiences that they cater to. So I think it’s important as an author who enjoys such stories to write them, yes.

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