“Books to look for” page

I’m working on building a page of books that I recommend and that I’ve edited (which of course I also recommend!). So far, the page only has books that I’ve edited. I really love Indiebound‘s easy linking system–you look up the book, enter your affiliate number on the book’s page, and voila! A link (with cover art) is generated for you. Occasionally there’s no cover art on their site; I’ve had to do a little tweaking for the first book of Hallowmere and a random Dragon Codex, but it’s pretty easy to edit the html for that.

I need to do a little research, though, because I’d love a widget for my sidebars that generated a random recommended book (i.e., a book from a list of predetermined books) every time a page was loaded. Wouldn’t work on LJ, I suppose (though the html link is quite nice for that), but it would be great for my new site. Last I heard, they haven’t gotten widgets yet, but hopefully they will soon.

I will also have a real page today covering all the basics of my community classes with links and directions. Remember, you need to register prior to the class.