An announcement, of sorts

I was recently asked to the LDS Storymakers Writers Conference as a guest editor. If you’re LDS or interested in the LDS writing world (including as an LDS author writing for the national market), I hear it’s an excellent conference. (This one will be my first.) As you’ll see from the link I just noted above, my bio says that I was formerly with Mirrorstone (which we all know) and that I now consult for Tor (which few have known up to this point).

I’ve postponed announcing the news on this blog because I’m still working on contracting my first book, so I didn’t want to announce anything prematurely, but since it was okay to say so for the conference, I’ll go ahead and let you know here, too: I am looking for books to acquire as a consulting editor for Tor’s children’s book lines (Starscape, Tor Teen, etc.). This just means that I will acquire books on a freelance basis rather than in-house, though the duties are pretty much the same. Tor has a lot of editors who work with them in a consulting capacity, and it seems to be a pretty successful model for them.

Right now I am not open to unagented submissions unless I’ve had previous contact with you through a conference or a submission at Mirrorstone where I asked for a full manuscript (or a revision of that full manuscript). I’m just getting started, and I want to be sure that I keep the field narrow for the moment. As time goes on and if this freelancing continues to succeed, then I will open up to more unagented submissions. So if you’re LDS and can make it to Storymakers, the conference might be a good place for you to come and meet me!

I don’t have submission guidelines yet, but as time goes on I will post them here. I will continue to run my critiques as a separate business for the foreseeable future, as well.

Here’s hoping that the snow (snooooow, ooooooh!) will let up enough for the roads, and be well and good deep everywhere else! I personally think that sometime in the future, someone should invent something that funnels all the snow to just where we want it, thus eliminating the mess and slush in the street and on the sidewalk. Pretty, perfect snow everywhere you look–except for the road! 🙂