It’s the little things

  • Got a package in the mail this morning. Two, actually. It’s always so fun to get a package. One from my sister, one from my Grandma, both Christmas presents. Dilemma: do I open them? It’s so tempting! But the temptation eases when I see that Grandma has also included my Girl Scout cookies, which I bought from my cousins’ daughters and planned to get from her when I went home for Christmas. Yum!
    Sadly, it’s looking like my car won’t get me home next week. I was looking forward to the trip, but I need new tires and driving from Utah to Illinois requires crossing Montana, and I just don’t like the idea of getting stranded in nowhere, Wyoming in the middle of winter, especially during the week that what few businesses would be open would probably be closed for the holidays.
  • Twitter is fun so far, but if you’re on there and I haven’t added you to follow, let me know, because the adding mechanism is weird and I’m having a hard time finding people.
  • Seattle has been slammed by a snowstorm/ice storm just when I needed to get a hold of some
    people there while they’re at work. Argh. But I did always like the random days off when the tiny bit of snow (and often massive amounts of ice) shuts everything down.
  • I’m driving to Salt Lake City this afternoon via Park City to see if I can make my car make that noise it’s been making, so I can show it to the mechanic and he can diagnose it. If you’re in PC or SLC and want to meet for hot chocolate, let me know.