Flood update

Still working on flood cleanup, and now that I have a new apartment, I’m also working on getting it ready for moving my stuff over (painting walls while it’s still empty, etc.) and getting the stuff ready for moving. Good things are happening: the cable company appears to not need to charge me for the damaged cable box as long as I have proof of the flood, and I got my laptop cord replacement today when they told me they wouldn’t even be mailing it until the 14th. Some things are still not so good: my camera is officially dead (my 10 MP, saved-up-two-bonuses-for camera…), all my brand new furniture now has water damage–functional, but little to no resale value for if/when I move again–and I’m worried about mold in the upholstery (but hopefully we got the couch and bed out of the water in time and the time sitting in the old apartment as it dries out won’t infest them). Thankfully, a lot of things can be fixed by a toss in the washing machine–and the nice thing about my washer is that it does two rinses if you want it to–though of course that can’t be taken care of until everything is moved.
On the bright side, it could have been a lot worse. The cats are okay. I moved them into the new apartment a couple days ago and they’re adjusting, though they still look confused a lot of the time. The only things I lost were just that–things–and they can be replaced. (I hope.)

If you live in the area and would like to/have time to help me move on Saturday, please drop me an email or a phone call. We’re still working out a time, but it will probably be around 11 am on Saturday. The more help the better, because this time everything’s loose and so I’ll need help boxing up, moving across the complex (and if you have any carts or, I don’t know, little red wagons, that would help out a lot), and setting things up in the new apartment. Any help will be appreciated.

Regarding business, if you’re waiting on a response from me hopefully I’ll be back in business by Tuesday. If you haven’t heard back from me then, please re-send your email, as it’s been a little nuts around here this week.