Taking the week off, kind of

If you don’t already know, I woke up Sunday morning to 4 inches of water across my apartment and Mogget marooned in the kitchen, unable to get past the water gushing in the front door. So due to the need to recover from the flood, I won’t be able to answer individual consultation emails this week. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

For the record, that’s twice in a month it’s been flooded, but this time it’s much worse. So far I estimate the damage to be anywhere from $2500 to $5000 worth. And of course my renter’s insurance specifically excludes any sewage backup or water damage. And the landlord claims they had no idea it was a recurring problem, claiming last month’s flood was from a broken sprinkler (it wasn’t–that was the last time it rained). It’s a significant design flaw that puts my apartment as the drainage system for the whole complex, basically. And now they’re saying that they’re doing ME a favor by moving me to another apartment–on the first floor–and they won’t even charge me to move! Isn’t that so SWEET of them??
On the bright side (if there can be said to be one), my friends banded together and came over to rescue me, or the damage would have been a lot worse. They got all the water out they could with me with brooms, which had to have been twice the volume the carpet guy sucked out later that day (which he said was somewhere in the range of 150-200 GALLONS of water).

Still, it’s catastrophic enough.

Guess who’s going to see a lawyer tomorrow?