Here’s a pretty-looking milestone

I’m still working on painting my apartment, which is a slow process when it’s not your first priority. I just got a nice chocolate brown leather chair–SO very comfy–and ottoman for a steal on clearance at a local furniture store outlet. I also found an end table that matched perfectly with the dark cherry shelves I already have, which works perfectly with a lamp I’ve loved since I got it secondhand when I moved to Seattle. It’s all coming together!

The couch now kind of pales in comparison–it’s a nice enough couch, but it’s getting old. I’d like to replace it with a leather one that matches the chair, but of course that will take time to save up for. But leather is the way to go when you have cats!

I’d post pictures of my office, but I have yet to declutter it from all the things that should be on shelves in the closet (a happy thought indeed). Someday I’ll show you–it really is a nice place to work, but I don’t like to be reminded how much work there is left to do in there!