Business cards

I know many a writer who has really interesting business cards. I might keep more toward the staid side, but at any rate I’m in the market for some. For those of you have had a need to get a business card of your own, where did you get yours? I’ve heard that there are some good relatively inexpensive places out there especially online, but of course I don’t want to have a generic business card, either, so I want a service that will let you customize. Yet it’s really important to have one to pass along, so I’m looking for good, professional-looking options.
Of course, I could just design them myself and go down to the local Kinko’s and have them print them on card stock and cut them. But I would think it would be easier to go through a business-card service (maybe Kinko’s has a template you can use when you design so that you have the right dimensions?), especially if I can customize the content pretty easily.
Suggestions welcome!