Surprise at the West Jordan Public Library

I walked in tonight to listen to Cinda Williams Chima, author of The Warrior Heir and its sequels, and got tapped on the shoulder as I sat down. “Hi Stacy!” says , who is sitting right behind me.
Now, we have to first understand that pretty much wherever I go, whether it’s downtown Chicago or the middle of nowhere, I unexpectedly run into someone I know. But who knew I’d run into the California-dwelling author of the Supernatural Rubber Chicken in West Jordan, Utah?
Turns out that Debbi and Cinda are in a critique group together, and their group happens to be having a retreat this weekend in Park City. What are the odds? Greater than expected, apparently!
So it was great to see Debbi and Cinda again and to meet their group tonight over seafood. Here’s to a great retreat for them!