My cats are goofs

What is it about candy corn that my cats must stare at me for hours on end when the bag of it is sitting next to me? They’ve already attempted to eat a kernel (which I caught them on, thank goodness), and with the bag sitting here next to me, their twin squinty-eyed expressions remain. They inch closer when I’m not looking. I bring the bag up next to me on the couch rather than on the floor (a bad idea, because then it’s too tempting to ME) and their contempt grows. I put it on the floor beside me to reduce my own temptation and they can’t help but try to get into the bag.
Cats don’t have sweetness receptors, so I can only think it’s the smell of the honey?
Whatever it is, they’re goofy. I’ve never seen them act this way with candy. With chicken, yes. Steak, yes. Broccoli, even. Yes, they’re definitely strange, but this is even stranger.
They never cease to entertain, that’s for sure.