At last!

I am sitting at my desk, in my newly painted office. Books are on the bookshelves (overflowing them, actually, as usual), and the internet cord is long enough to reach into the office.

Things I still need, however: a chair tall enough for this desk (adjustable legs, but to fit the file cabinet under the desk it has to be up pretty high, which means my little kitchen chair just won’t do), and closet organizer shelves so I can unpack the boxes I’m staring at, full of the miscellanea which you collect as an employee of Wizards of the Coast–dragons, D&D minis, multiple board games like Diplomacy, etc.

The desk is HUGE. I love it. Plenty of workspace, and space enough to put the scanner out too. So huge that the oval ends that I thought I’d need are going back to Ikea tomorrow.

The cats like the new office. I think it’s because it’s the room in the least amount of chaos right now. Living room is next to be painted, and hopefully the carpet guys will be coming back this afternoon, now that it’s plenty dry in there from the flood, and install new pa
dding and clean the carpet.

Last on the list is the bedroom, which has become the catch-all for any boxes I’m not ready to unpack yet. But it’s coming along! Pictures will come along, too, when I’ve got the last of it organized.