Life as a freelancer

I need to change my bio page so that it doesn’t say I’m an editor at Mirrorstone. This makes me sad. 🙁
One thing I’m finding in my fledgling new life is that a lack of coworkers–especially the awesome, hilarious coworkers I had at WotC–makes working life rather lonely. No one is popping into my cube, teasing me, or sending odd emails with geeky in-jokes. Working at home one day a week wasn’t hard because I would still be in constant contact with my coworkers on one issue or another.
Today I am going to go work at the library, where I will at least be surrounded by people. (And not boxes–another thing about moving when you’re starting to freelance is that it’s more tempting to spend most of your time on housework, or to feel that you can’t start to work until you’ve found the floor to your office.) 
It’s definitely a transition process, going freelance. This solitary life is what a writer feels every day, of course. But as you can imagine, moving and changing jobs at the same time is a huge challenge because it’s two major changes in one. 
or you writers out there, and anyone else who works from home: what was your transition like? Are you naturally a solitary person? Do you have to get out of the house to work sometimes? What helped you to transition?