Baby lions! Vacation!

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, well, I’ve been working on getting a lot of stuff done before I head out for vacation this Friday. Next week, I’ll be in Utah for BYU Writing for Young Readers. Immediately after that ends (well, okay, the next day), my friend and I are packing up her kids and driving to California, where we will spend a week at the beach, doing absolutely nothing. Okay, so we’ll see a few friends while we’re at it. But other than that! Nothing. Really.*

While I’m gone, you should watch this 24-7 live feed of a mama lion and her cubs. (via

 ) They were sleeping when I looked at them this afternoon, and now they seem to be eating. Cuties! 

*I have a friend who replied to that, “Stacy, you don’t know how to do nothing.” Okay, so maybe I’ll bring a few books along. But just for pleasure reading! And if I get an urge to do some writing on my own book, maybe that will happen. But other than that…!