Work life after returning from a show tends to be pretty busy. When you’ve been out of the office for a week, you often have a lot of catching up to do. It’s always complicated when warm weather hits because then you have coworkers going on vacation, etc.
So if you’re wondering where I’ve been, now you know–things have been really busy. And it’s not much to speak of–deadlines to make, books to get in from the copyeditor and proofreader and send them on to be typeset, books to edit and get feedback to the author, that kind of stuff. The everyday life of an editor which has been covered again and again here. 
In my off time, I’ve been getting out and enjoying a bit of the lovely Seattle weather we’ve been having. This is the time of year that I first moved to Seattle–my three-year anniversary at Mirrorstone was just a couple weeks ago, actually–and this is the time of year that sucks you in and makes it worth living in Seattle. I’ve even been able to get my allergies (mostly) under control the last few weeks, and that bodes well for a summer of outdoor activities. Yesterday some friends and I had a barbecue out on my deck, and I tried yoga for the first time with my friend yesterday morning at a community yoga-thon that left me more relaxed than I think I’ve felt in a decade. I think I should start taking the yoga class at work! (One nice perk of working at Wizards of the Coast is that we have a gym and a dojo where we can go work out any time, and they offer personal training and classes like yoga, Pilates, and kickboxing for a relatively low fee.) And my friends and I are planning camping trips, canoeing outings, and road trips like mad right now. I think I may just have plans every weekend for the next two months.
So we editors aren’t always holed up in our offices reading. Just most of the time.