IRA in brief/Writing Excuses

Atlanta is gorgeous. A normal warm spring day! It’s gorgeous. I love Seattle, but I’m still in sweaters till June there. The other day was wearing a spring cotton shirt and a skirt, and it was just lovely.

Well, till I got coffee spilled on me at dinner, but hopefully it’ll wash out. There have been a few weird moments like that this week, but never all that bad–don’t worry, the coffee wasn’t too hot and things happen. I just hope my favorite shirt won’t be stained!

I’ve been meaning to post all week, because we’ve had some very photo-worthy moments–housekeeping in my hotel folded my bathmat like a little shirt, for example–but I have just been so exhausted! Who knew there were so many teachers?

So it’s been a great show, and I’ll post pictures soon.

Meanwhile, it’s a little late for this, but make sure to catch the second half of my guest appearance on Writing Excuses, where we
talk about submitting to editors and they ask me about Hallowmere and other great projects I’m working on.