I took  some pictures of the B&N event this afternoon on my cell phone to post here, but when I got home from that (after running several errands) not only were the pictures missing, so were all my phone numbers and pretty much everything on the phone, and it wouldn’t connect to any service. It’s like I got hit with a personal EMP.
Did all the normal revive-your-phone bit, called Verizon, and it turns out this phone just sucks (it’s a refurbished replacement) and I have to go get another new one.
So, sorry about no pictures. It was a good event, and we’re grateful that the store invited us. Here’s hoping I can get a new phone before leaving for Atlanta, because I can’t imagine doing a trade show without a cell. It makes it so much easier to coordinate all those people.
Thankfully, I’ve been using the online backup service that downloads my address book daily or weekly or something, and all I’ll have to do is get a new phone and I can have all that restored–though I won’t get the pictures back, or any ringtones I bought (don’t think I did, since the 3 I bought on the last phone disappeared with the replacement), or my text messages (which I rarely do, but the ones I have I’d like to keep, especially the ones from 411 for numbers I never remember to program into my phone). And all my calls are going to voicemail rather than out into the void, so I’ll be able to call anyone back. I’m not ignoring anyone, I promise!