Information please?

My friend* is currently traveling in India visiting another friend. He’s been to Laos several times (where he speaks the language, hence the Lao on the blog) and to several other countries but never to India. The other friend is working on a documentary for a small school for a few months, so they’re meeting up and doing some touring at the end of her stay.

His last two entries have had me rolling with laughter. I want to go there and experience this myself someday–though perhaps without the getting sick part. Or even closer to home–just going somewhere I haven’t before, perhaps doing a world tour by visiting all my old roommates from Mexico, Brazil, Canada, England, Korea, and Belgium. (I seem to be forgetting someone.)

Speaking of traveling, I’ve been thinking of going to Mexico for a while. I finally got back in touch with an old roommate from there, who is now working in the Benemerito School in Mexico City. And I have been looking for her email all
night, and it seems to have disappeared. Did I forget to move it from the junk mail box? I hope not. (Even if I never make a trip down there I wanted to write her back!) But that means I’m back at square one at getting a hold of her, and LinkedIn seems to have closed the loophole where I could send her brother an email without subscribing if I tried to add him as a friend. Google is failing to find me a homepage for the school (Benemerito de las Americas) and my Spanish is rudimentary at best. Can anyone suggest a good way to find someone in another country, where you go to find that kind of information? It’s hard enough in the U.S., even with phone directories online. I’m lost when it comes to searching in another country (unless you’re talking about family history–then I do much better).

*Did I mention how much I envy all my friends who have traveled the world like this? I’ve been to Canada and Scotland, so that’s a start, but I have plans for something fun soon. There was a sale on Mexico flights last month and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t just up and go.