Back from World Horror (don’t say that with a Utah accent)

Just a quick post to say I had a great time at World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City. It was really a whirlwind! I met tons of people at pitch sessions and in the hallways, was able to be on two panels, went to dinner with so many people–see Agent Kristin’s blog for a report of our discussion at dinner!–interviewed a couple-three authors for Wizards’ Discoveries line, and even got to sit down with old friends Brandon Sanderson and Dan Wells for their Writing Excuses podcast, which will air in a few weeks (they’re on Episode 8, I think, and we recorded 12 or so). Also worked on a for-now super-secret project with Rebecca Shelley, assistant to R.D. Henham of Red Dragon Codex fame.

So it was a very full, very exhausting weekend! It was fun to stay with a friend and catch up and play with her two-year-old daughter, too, and to see so many good friends, and sad that I didn’t have enough time to catch up with everyone. I had a great time, and thanks to the con organizers who invited me!