I’m going in for minor surgery today (don’t worry, it’s really, really minor) and this weekend my roommates and I are doing a yard sale, basically to clean out the basement as one roommate moves out. Why I scheduled these two things for the same week, I haven’t a clue. Hopefully it’ll be exactly as the doctor says and not only will I be able to drive home from the surgery (it’s that minor), I’ll still be able to push my HUGE desk out of my room. I’ve decided that having a desk in my bedroom just encourages me to pile things on it, because having a laptop means you can work from anywhere. So I’m replacing the desk with two beautiful bookshelves with little leather crates/boxes to hold the things the desk drawers used to hold, and giving myself back about 8 square feet of floor space. Now I’ll be able to reach the closet and maybe that will help me not pile things on the desk that will be gone. 🙂

As far as actual editing goes, well, it’s life as usual. I have all sorts of interesting things happening at work, which I can’t really blog about just yet, and just a lot of editing to hit deadlines. I got two books out to copyedit last week, and it’s on to the next book. Busy busy busy.

One thing I CAN tell you is that I can officially announce a new series by which I’ll be working on. Here’s the Publisher’s Lunch announcement:

Jeff Sampson’s THE LIFE AND DEATH OF EMILY COOKE, the first in a dark fantasy series about Emily Webb, who at night transforms from shy and mousy geek girl into a wild thrill-seeker, to Stacy Whitman at Mirrorstone.

There’s a WHOLE lot more to the story, but I don’t want to give away anything! Keep your eye out for more on it in the future, though.