I think I’m in love

I’ve been on a Supernatural kick for the last few weeks. I think Dean Winchester is my high school sweetheart. My first boyfriend drove a green Impala (granted, Dean’s probably has better brakes), and listened to “the greatest hits of mullet rock” to use Sam’s phrase from the first episode. He did not have a mullet or hair band hair himself, mind you. I still listen to most of the 70s bands that Dean’s collection contains. Not so much on the metal–Metallica is more my brother’s domain. But give me some good Kansas and Bad Company any day.

It’s Tim, but with a brother and a shotgun, killing demons and banishing evil spirits. 🙂 

Really, the reason why I keep watching? It’s not just Jensen Ackles (Dean), who I loved in Dark Angel, nor is it just Jared Padaleki (Sam), who is cute too, and plays a smart, sweet, good guy. What really gets me is the relationship between the brothers. They go through this huge adversity–beginning with the death of their mother when Sam, the younger brother, is six months old–and live through it, and as they hunt for the demon that did this to their family, you can see their bond as brothers grow. Through some really horrible things, a lot of people’s lives are touched, they save so many people, and their family bond becomes tighter too. I think there’s some really great metaphor in that. 

And just in general the writing is great. Character development, dialogue, little SFF references (Dean knows pretty much every scifi/fantasy pop culture reference to be known)–they move the plot forward and these things matter in the course of the overall story. They have the monster-of-the-week stories, sure. It’s actually a very Buffy kind of model–monster of the week balanced against overall season arch with an overall series arch in mind. I’m not sure if that’s planned, but in watching two seasons over the course of a couple months, that’s the sense I’m getting.

Anyone else a fan?