Home from KW, back to work

Oh, what a weekend! I don’t have time this morning to post a full report of all the great people I met and things I learned, but I will say that it was just what I needed. I have a few pictures I might post later, but also, too busy this morning to really give that full attention. The sad thing is that I was bordering on a sinus infection before I went. The cold air of Vermont held it at bay, and really, how could I not be pretty high-energy with that kind of environment? But like and I talked about in the car on the way to Albany (I flew out of Albany–don’t ask, it’ll only remind me of frustration that will distract me from my KW high, and besides, it was worth it to be able to make it there and stay through Sunday), you have to crash sometime. So the sinus infection is pounding away near my brain and I’ve got a book I need to edit, and that leaves my KW report till later.
We actually had snow yesterday morning, so I like to take credit for bringing a little Vermont back with me to Seattle. I’m working from home today because we feared there might be more snow. If you’ve nev
er been to Seattle in the winter, snow is kinda scary here because you combine all these hills with freezing rain and a tiny supply of salt trucks and snow plows, and you get pileups and strandings. Turns out the snow didn’t come–just more regular rain–but I’m working from home anyway because it cuts out a lot of distractions. Including LJ! Off goes the internet! See you later.