The rest of Midwinter

It’s been rather a whirlwind weekend. I got to see Candice Ransom several times, at her signings, and dinner, and sat with her listening to several committees discuss outstanding children’s literature. If you haven’t seen her blog yet, it’s a unique look into the minds of a stuffed elephant and her friend, a tuxedo cat. Candice is the author of the Time Spies series, an adventure in time for three young kids that is perfect for transitional readers, the kids who have just learned to read independently. Her books fill a need that relatively few books do, and what’s more important, are a fun read.

Not much more of interest to this blog–sat in on the BBYA teen reports to the committee, which are always fun. Saw the preview of the Spiderwick Chronicles movie, which is PERFECT. It’s the example I’ll be pointing to nowadays for a great movie adaptation that preserves the plot arc and spirit of the book.

I’ve been sitting in a Las Vegas airport for six hours, waiting for the plane that’s five hours late. That’s what I get for taking the advice of an airline, which suggested I leave Philadelphia earlier to avoid possible bad weather later in the day. I have a feeling the flight out of Philly that’s a straight shot to Seattle will arrive before I will, and I left at 7 a.m. instead of 5 p.m.

Must run. I think my plane is actually here.