Low on content… or was that time?

I’ve kind of dropped off the face of the earth lately, sorry. But there’s good reason. I’m just plain busy. I just shepherded two first revisions out the door, as well as proofreading the galley of one book and on to reading the revision of another. With several more waiting in the wings.

Despite all the deadline-oriented stuff, I also spent some time catching up on the submissions pile, so if you’ve been waiting for a response from me, there’s a 33% chance that you’ll have received it by now. (The other 60% of the pile, which was more recently submitted than that last bit, will hopefully also hear from me soon.) If you’ve sent along a full manuscript, though, the patience quotient will have to extend a little longer. Note, however, that I take simultaneous submissions, so if you’re at the point where you felt you’ve been waiting too long, you’re welcome to continue to shop it around. If your manuscript is a gem, it will be my own fault if I miss it! (But if you do get an offer from someone else, please be sure to let me k
now so I can make sure I’m not missing out!) The wheels grind ever slowly on.

This also means that I’ve gone nowhere near my friends page here in about 3 weeks or perhaps more, so if there’s anything earthshaking going on, I’m completely missing out on it. But that’s okay, because I feel so caught up! And that’s a wonderful feeling–one that never really lasts long in this business!