Dang, nobody took me up on the YA LOLcats. Oh well. We’ve been light on editing content this week, sorry about that. Mostly it’s because there’s not a lot going on. Work is work. I finished the final edit of book 3 of Hallowmere (oh, the interesting things that are happening!), within the last couple weeks we’ve sent a couple great books off to the printer and they’re *that close* to being in stores available for people to read.  And I’ve been cleared by the doctor so that I can use my poor forlorn arm again (okay, that’s not editing content, but that’s important to ME!). I have most of the range of motion back and it’s feeling mostly better, and I’ve even been rollerblading again and didn’t kill myself.
On the down side, there’s a cold going round these parts and I’ve been sucking on vitamin C and zinc drops like candy. Tonight will be an early night, so I can make it through the rest of the week. an