Editors are the Sheriff

So says Meg Cabot. She’s written a hilariously apt analogy of the relationship between editor and writer on her blog today:

But it would be awesome if there WERE mole people in one of my books. Only guess how long THAT revision letter would be???? “I understand how much you love the Mole People, Meg. But seriously…where do they bathe? I know that Mole People probably do bathe somewhere, but where? He must brush his teeth or his breath would be stinky when he kisses her, but where does he do this? You see? This complicates the plot in ways I fear we don’t want to get into….” See what I mean by how editors are the sheriff? Better not even to risk it….)

I’d never read any of her books before this year (strange how sometimes that gap in reading happens), but as you can see from my sidebar, I’ve been making up lost time. Her audiobooks also have some really good narrators, so that just adds to the experience.
In other news, today is a multiple book birthday! ‘s In the Serpent’s Coils has been sighted, and Nina Hess’s A Practical Guide to Monsters comes out today, too. Pictures later, when I can upload them on a computer with an SD reader.