My new favorite T-shirt

Back at ALA, I got a chance to meet one of the guys involved with Unshelved, a webcomic about librarians. They had some fun t-shirts at their booth, and he ended up giving me a “Guess what I’m reading?” tee, which has become my new favorite, and tends to start conversations. But it’s a men’s tee, and you know how shapeless those can be. Well, come to find out, they have women’s sizes too! And they’re having a summer sale! I couldn’t resist. I had to get one in a more fitted style. And my next new favorite t-shirt will be:

Too bad this other one only comes in men’s sizes. I’m tempted to get it anyway–it’s a good price for a well made tee–and then alter it myself:

But then, I’d have to admit that I should alter my current t-shirt rather than get a second of the same tee. And the truth is, my sewing machine was broken by the movers two years ago, when I moved here. All sorts of complications would arise, I tell you! Perhaps they’ll do a women’s version sometime.