More ALA pictures

Holly Black (

), Cecil Castellucci (

) and me. Holly and Cecil will have stories in our forthcoming fantasy anthology, Magic in the Mirrorstone, edited by Steve Berman (

). I was fortunate enough to acquire the anthology, but sadly, due to schedules and such, I haven’t been the editor working on it in its final stages. But I’ve read many of the stories and I’m working on the rest, and I must say, you can’t miss this one! Cecil Castellucci’s story is her first fantasy, and I think it’s a good one. Holly’s is the next one on my to-read list, but I’m sure it’ll be just as good as all her others! I’ll o
f course report back my impressions later. 🙂 Tiffany Trent will also be in the anthology with a “lost story” of Hallowmere.

The line in our famous booth for Candice Ransom’s signing (Time Spies).

…and for Tiffany’s signing in the booth. I wish I’d gotten a clearer picture of Candice’s signing. I’m not sure what I was thinking.

  The line for Tiffany’s signing in the Random House booth. (Random House is our distributor, and they were very good to us at this show, and at BEA from what I hear–I didn’t go to BEA.)

 I think I’m going to become a paparrazzi in my spare time.

Tiffany signing for a YALSA Teen.

Tiffany with her author sign for the RH booth.

The gate to Chinatown, which was right down the street from the convention center, where we often found lunch.

Cecil Castellucci’s reading at the Live @ Your Library Stage, complete with all the Janes.


And Tiffany’s signing right after her own reading at the Live @ Your Library stage. (Too bad it was so dark in there. I didn’t want to use flash and be all distracting, so my pictures of her actual reading are pretty dark.)

 Tiffany signing In the Serpent’s Coils.
 Sarah Beth Durst as a chimera!

Speaking of Sarah, I got a picture taken with her and Tiffany that I forgot to include. Or at least, I could have sworn that I’d gotten one taken. But all I could find was this one of Tiffany and Sarah together alone:

They still look like they’re having a good time without me. 

And you thought that was a lot of pictures? That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and I’m not diving down into it to find more. But if you want to, you’re welcome to see the whole sorry lot (including the sorry photos, which I forgot to delete), you can see them here. But this is all I’ll organize!