Pictures… delayed

I’ve been trying to upload my ALA pictures all day via my friend’s FTP site (which then goes to my own photo hosting, thus saving myself LJ storage space)–essential when you’re dealing with 500+ pictures–and it stalled at #27. I think the site must be down for maintenance or something. I’ll try again some other time, when of course ALA will be ancient history in blog time, but y’know. Plus, I have some fun pictures from the 4th I was going to share.
Right now I need to go to bed, though, because tomorrow I start working with a personal trainer at bright-and-early 9 a.m., which means I need to be to the gym earlier to get ready, and all that. I love my job, and it’s not just the work, which is of course awesome. It’s the gym at which we have access to things like personal trainers at a discount, and getting to see a preview showing of Transformers (go see it! it’s so fun!). 
At any rate, one of these days I’ll catch up and post pictures. And read everyone’s posts of the last 2 or 3 weeks–I’ve been unable to keep up lately! I’m reading a little bit tonight, and I kind of think I won’t try to catch up so much as just start reading again. 🙂